Entrepreneurs Account

The next generation multi-currency account for self-employed individuals that need more the ordinary
Sole Traders & Self-Employed Persons
If you’re a sole trader you run your own business as an individual and are self-employed. You keep the profits you make after paying tax, including national insurance. A Global Account can support your trading not just domestically but also cross-border.
Internationally Mobile Persons
If you work internationally, or are a dual resident you will maintain work and business interests in multiple countries. Our Entrepreneurs account can help remove the frictions in cross border private investment and/or repatriating funds to your home country.
International Property Owners
Do you own property and other assets abroad ? Do you need to pay government taxes, local bills and/or collect rental payments? When you move countries or invest abroad, you need a reliable platform to do business.
A Global account built for doing business
If you do business or own property internationally, finding the right banking partners can be challenging and time consuming. Integrating multiple partners into your personal tax reporting can be even more daunting. Our Entrepreneur account is built to support your private business endeavours globally
Multi-Currency SWIFT IBAN - 33 currencies
Local Accounts in 4 major currencies - GBP, EUR, USD, CAD
Chat support within 24 hours
Foreign Exchange integrated with Weekend FX on major currencies

Multi-Currency, Flexible & Convenient

Multi-Currency, Flexible & Convenient
Entrepreneur Accounts come pre-configured with a single SWIFT enabled IBAN. Pay and receive and store 33 currencies in your wallet.
Convert your Currencies 24/7 including Weekends
Access over 100 currency pairs at live interbank market rates. Convert major currency pairs even ‘out of hours’ during the weekend, offering 27/7 transaction capability.


Local Currencies




FX Coverage


Interbank Rate

Act Local | Think Global

Local Accounts for the UK, Europe, USA and Canada
We realise today’s Entrepreneurs have diverse investment and business interests. Our account for self-employed, Entrepreneurs, Internationally mobile business persons and overseas property owners is built to work as hard as you do and match your global business aspirations.

Low Cost Payments with 14 Local Payment Routes
We’ve got you covered for low cost payments to Europe, America and Asia/Australasia. When selecting your payment type, you can how select Local domestic routes instead of SWIFT and make significant savings in banking charges. Many suppliers and business relationships will also appreciate that they are not being significant deducted banking charges to receive the funds either.
Local Accounts in British Pounds (GBP)
Local Account in EURO (EUR)
Local Accounts in United States Dollar (USD)
Local Account in Canadian Dollar (CAD)
All funds are held in segregated client accounts in your name with global banking partners
Low Cost Payments with 14 Local Payment Routes

Western Europe

British Pound, Euro

Northern Europe

Danish Krone, Swedish Krona, Norwegian Krona

Eastern Europe

Hungarian Forint, Croatian Kuna, Polish Zloty, Romanian Leu


US Dollar, Canadian Dollar

Asia / Australasia

Australian Dollar, Singapore Dollar, Hong Kong Dollar
Pay and Receive to 75 countries worldwide
Entrepreneur Accounts come pre-configured with a single SWIFT enabled IBAN. Pay and receive and store 33 currencies in your wallet and pay and receive to over 75 countries via local routes or SWIFT.
Self-employed, sole traders and internationally mobile
Account is held in your personal name
Access to 33+ currencies
Pay and receive to over 75 counties

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Biometric Face Scan
We will take a photo of your Government ID (passport or driving licence) and a video selfie to compare your identity.
Automated AML
We will automatically check your application for HM Treasury, EU, OFAC and Global Sanctions and AML lists.
Soft Credit Check
We will run a soft credit check, fraud and other checks with your permission, to verify your address and identity match.
Account Open in 10 Mins
Subject to information and fraud checks, we will open your Entrepreneur Account in 10 minutes and your Business Account within 2 business days
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