Get ready for E-invoicing

Send compliant e-invoices to government (B2G) and other businesses (B2B) via approved national networks.
What is an E-invoice?
E-invoices are issued, transmitted and received in a structured electronic format (e.g XML or EDIFACT) which allows for its automatic and processing electronic processing.
Which Countries have adopted e-invoice?
Over 60 countries worldwide have adopted e-invoicing laws for Business to Government (B2G) and and Business to Business (B2B), typically to ensure continuous- transaction-compliance (CTC) for the reporting and payment of VAT.
Which EU countries use E-Invoice?
Italy was the first EU country to adopt laws making E-invoices mandatory. Similar leglislation is being adopted across Europe in France, Poland, Slovenia and the United Kingdom from 2024.

EU’s New E-Invoice Regulations

Its time to prepare for new regulations coming into force in 2024
New E-invoicing regulations begin in various European countries in 2024. This will require all B2G and B2B invoices that are sent by business in the relevant country to be transmitted as E-invoices via approved network access points.
E-Invoice is regulated by EU Directive 2014/55/EU
Italy implemented E-invoice in 2019 and apply to B2B
France will implement E-invoice in 2024
Poland & Slovenia will implement E-Invoice in 2024

Connect to PEPPOL for the Global E-invoice

What is an PEPPOL?
PEPPOL is a global e-invoving network. Peppol BIS Billing 3.0 is a compliant (CIUS) implementation of the European eInvoicing standard, EN 16931. Consequently, those who receive invoices that comply to this BIS.v3 are also compliant to the EU Directive 2014/55 electronic invoices.
Which Countries have adopted PEPPOL?
OpenPeppol has Certified Access Points in 29 European countries plus Australia, Canada, China, New Zealand, Singapore and USA, with Peppol Authorities placed in 17 countries.
How do I access PEPPOL?
PEPPOL is accessed by a sender or receiver of an invoice by a Certified Access Provider. By registering on the PEPPOL plan with Creditscript you will gain access to the PEPPOL network and be assigned a PEPPOL ID.

Send or Receive E-Invoices via CreditSCRIPT Access Point

Integrate your Accounting or ERP system
We work with companies to integrate their accounting systems and ERPs to our PEPPOL access point to send and receive e-invoices over the PEPPOL network.
Send invoices to EU Public Institutions
Since 2015 all EU Public instructions have been required to receive invoices via PEPPOL. In the United Kingdom, the largest use of PEPPOL is the National Health Service (NHS).
Connect to over 621,000 Companies
PEPPOL network has over 621,000 companies in 29 European countries, Americas and Asia/Australasia. PEPPOL can provide not only automation savings but strategic connections to new supply networks.

Get Started with Free Invoicing

Send Invoices in 33 currencies and collect directly into One Account
Entrepreneur Accounts come pre-configured with a single SWIFT enabled IBAN. Pay and receive and store 33 currencies in your wallet.
Invoices can be generated and sent directly from CreditSCRIPT
Collection Payment details will be automatically with a single IBAN
Collect invoices into 4 local currency accounts in GBP, EUR, USD and CAD
Convert any revenues from invoices into home currency
Upgrade to E-invoicing at anytime
Get Ready for E-Invoicing




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