Foreign Exchange

Convert currencies 24 hours a day , seven days a week including weekends to automate your Finances
Multiple Currencies
Convert over 100+ currency pairs (spot) fully integrated with your gloabl account. Convert your multi-currency revenues back into your home accounting currency with ease.
Visability and Access
Access real-time exchange rates to make financial management seamless and easy.
Competitive Rates
Power your business activities with real-time, low cost rates for your payments to suppliers and revenue collection
Weekend Trading 24/7
Tired of traditional banks and FX markets closed on the weekend? Our platform offers a limited set of major currencies 24/7 over the weekend and holidays to keep your business moving.
Select and confirm your FX rates values instantly with a transparent view of our market spread and commission to the market rate.
Fully manage and track conversions, settlement dates of your currencies within the platform and when they will settle onto your Global Account.

Major Currency Pairs

Drive your payments and customer collections with our currency solutions. We offer 33 major currencies as standard. Enquire with us if you have any currency needs not indicated below.
1. Australian Dollar >
2. Bahraini Dinar >
3. British Pound Sterling >
4. Bulgarian Lev >
5. Canadian Dollar >
6. Chinese Yuan >
7. Croatian Kuna >
8. Czech Republic Koruna >
9. Danish Krone >
10. Euro >
11. Hong Kong Dollar >
12. Hungarian Forint >
13. Israeli New Sheqel >
14. Japanese Yen >
15. Kenyan Shilling >
16. Kuwaiti Dinar >
17. Mexican Peso >
18. New Zealand Dollar >
19. Norwegian Krone >
20. Omani Rial >
21. Polish Zloty >
22. Qatari Rial >
23. Romanian Leu >
24. Saudi Riyal >
25. Singapore Dollar >
26. South African Rand >
27. Swedish Krona >
28. Swiss Franc >
29. Thai Baht >
30. Turkish Lira >
31. UAE Dirham >
32. Ugandan Shilling >
33. United States Dollar >
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