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Our system features low latency and real-time streaming of listings auctions, a user-friendly Order Management System and a comprehensive Portfolio Monitoring module.



We provide live auctions and loan listings from online marketplace lenders and include key information regarding volume as well as time series statistics through both active and passive loan channels. This technology is available around the clock.

Once bids are made, our Automated Order Management technology routes the orders directly to the originators' API. In the Consumer Loan space, an automated order management system is indispensable for effectively deploying Institutional capital at scale, speed and a reasonable diversification level.

Our technology helps to minimise cash drag, maximise performance and to remain fully invested. Never asleep, our Order Management System makes investing across multiple global time zones feasible and hassle free.


Intended for buy-side firms, our fully integrated portfolio management tools deliver comprehensive credit portfolio solutions to manage orders, track positions, returns, and portfolio cashflows.

A sound, diversified investment strategy would require investors to do business with different loan originators. CreditSCRIPT offers a streamlined solution, allowing its users to navigate easily between different loan originators and underlying asset classes. Our execution management solutions also have the ability to route orders directly to the counterparty though our co-location servers. As for our portfolio management modules, they provide the latest performance assessment, data aggregation and reporting, with a view to providing the insight to create and execute differentiating investment strategies.



By tracking portfolio credit exposure, credit ratings, delinquency and charge off curves, we provide you the necessary reports to discuss portfolio management strategies with your key stakeholders. To achieve both compliance and competitive advantage, our risk solutions provide risk and investment managers with sophisticated analytics, backed by robust technology, for improved decision-making and transparency.

We seek to provide you with the insight you need into the drivers of risk including concentrations by borrower, geography, credit grade, duration and a variety of other credit dimensions. Economic capital risk metrics include expected loss calculations, loss distribution and each exposures marginal contribution to portfolio risk. In addition, we identify a portfolio’s sharpe ratio, top and poor performers, to understand which incremental steps to take to improve your portfolio risk-return performance.



We are working with the leading US credit bureau to obtain marketplace lending data-sets. These contain deeply attributed and anonymized loan and consumer credit data elements (since 2009 or even prior) with monthly performance, to help you build a superior credit model and understanding of your credit risk including balances, payments, FICO Score distribution, delinquencies, credit bureau inquiries, current income estimate and current DTI estimate.

Credit risk is not static at origination and our credit surveillance solutions help investors mitigate the risk of credit migration post origination. We are leading the market in the provision of real time and periodic credit data from leading US credit bureaus. This enables asset managers to have a granular, loan by loan ongoing credit surveillance, as well as aggregated portfolio credit statistics.

The key to accessing credit bureau records is our solution for professional investors and originators to mitigate PII liability risk by cleansing out private consumer data and providing only the key credit information fields relevant to your portfolio, without exposing you to additional compliance or regulatory risk



Our Credit research solution covers all aspects of originator data. We hold the historic origination files and payment files for each originator since inception, providing you with summary information to make quick and informed investment decisions. The data is normalised, cleansed and ready for aggregation with other loan originators, saving you time and money. All data is available for export to excel or csv for further manipulation of your own on your desktop.


Increased regulatory, audit and investor scrutiny of fund valuations have resulted in a requirement for a qualified and independent third party to be responsible for providing arms-length assessment of your valuation process and policy. This becomes necessary when there is no exchange quoted or active price available for the instrument in the market.

Private funds and alternative asset managers have to clearly define a valuation policy, retain a third party to demonstrate to regulators and stake holders that there is a rigorous process to the determination of fair value. Our valuation solutions include independent validation of valuation policy, vetting of procedures and the internal valuation process to be compliant with applicable accounting and/or regulatory standa

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As with most forms of investment, CreditSCRIPT Asset Backed Securities (“CABS”) carry a degree of risk to your capital; in this case, if the borrower is unable to repay the underlying loan, the bond performance is payment dependent. Past performance does not guarantee future performance. Investment in CABS may not protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). In addition, by investing in CABS you have delegated your relationship with the borrower to an affiliate CreditSCRIPT Luxembourg, and you have no direct right of enforcement in the event of default. We recommend that prospective Professional Clients read the Risk Notice before investing. CABSs are for Professional and Eligible Clients only. Retail Clients may access the electronic money service platform but will not be able to access the investment platform.
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