Features for Originators

By live streaming auctions and databases of available listings, our system helps connect originators to sophisticated investors.

Primary Auction Liquidity

We work with the leading online marketplace lenders to integrate their platform and connect institutional investors to the primary loan origination channels. We spend time conducting extensive due diligence on our partners to ensure the institutional quality of each platform that is available. Our current focus is in prime and sub-prime consumer loan originations and we are in active discussions with originators relating to both active selection and passive selection. We are working with investors in arranging forward future flow agreements that are enabled and monitored independently by our technology platform.

Secondary Market Liquidity

We are able to assist originators and financial advisers arrange and place secondary transactions either unilaterally or by group auction. We are able to host the transaction data and independently review/verify the data tape to ensure investors can focus on valuation and pricing. We are also to able to collect bids in our system to complete for a compete secondary market technology solution. The secondary market is a currently a small component of existing marketplace lending however as the market grows, investors are increasingly demanding liquidity options for their portfolios.

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